Recognize Some of The Powerful And Sturdy Home Deciding Factors

Building a wall of the house would have to pay attention to the material and structure of the soil to be strong in supporting the burden that is in the house and can withstand the ever-changing weather. You will probably need a fix slab foundation if there is damage to some parts of the wall or also your home.

A wall of the house must be strong and sturdy in order to always support the foundations that are beneath it. There are several determinants of a strong and sturdy wall. Some of the deciding factors are

– The pattern of brick preparation
Strong walls must follow and meet the standard construction structure standard. one of which is the pattern of preparing the bricks used as the main ingredient. The minimum wall thickness set is the ½ brick for the non-structure area and 1 brick for the structural area. Similarly, the pattern of installation bricks, where the gap between the brick with the other cannot be in line with the crack of meeting the bricks that are above and below.

– The composition of the right mixture of concrete
One of the characteristics of the wall that is less good is felt empty and easily fragile if exposed to impact so that the walls are not easily fragile, then the concrete fragments that are used also must be appropriate and in accordance with applicable standards. The concrete mix for the right wall is 1: 2 which means the cement part and the two sand mixtures. This concrete mixture can be used for bonding between bricks.

– Strengthen the walls with practical columns
A strong and sturdy structure must have good bonding and load retention. Especially brick walls, concrete and other materials. The existence of practical columns is very necessary for the structure of the house. the column practically works to bind the masonry and hold or dispense the structure load.