Tips and Tricks for Longer Alienware 13 Battery Life

Alienware 13 is one of the best 13 inch gaming laptops that you should have for enjoying the experience of your favorite game in Full HD and also powerful performance. Alienware 13 designed for standard gaming and can run for more than seven hours long battery life. Of course, improving the battery life is important things which can extend more power for a good performance while gaming.

Here are the tips and tricks for longer Alienware 13 battery life that you should know.

1. Adjust Alienware 13 settings
To reduce power consumption on your 13 inch gaming laptops, you can adjust the settings that used on each keyboard and display. You can set up the keyboard backlighting by turning off the backlight to make out key unless you need a backlight or in the dark. Reducing 50 percent in screen brightness can also help the battery power longer insignificant amount of time.

2. Set up the battery saver
In 13 inch gaming laptops, the battery is one of the important aspects. You can set the battery saver for Alienware 13 for non-stop gaming experience. Using battery saver will engage the automatic changes to extend the battery life. It will also adjust the laptop settings into low-power while the battery life power decreasing.

3. Simplify the battery life
Alienware 13 is one of the 13 inch gaming laptops that has some cool features for multitasking. Even the laptop is good for multitasking, but it will run several programs at once may adjust the battery life and need more power to load the programs. You can start it by single-tasking by closing the additional programs.

That’s all tips and tricks for longer Alienware 13 battery life. Please check out our website for more tips and tricks and other information.