Note The Type Of Damage To The Walls And How To Fix It

The cracks on the walls are mostly due to the lack of quality concrete basement walls. The quality of concrete is expressed by K units (eg K-125, K-175, K-250 and so on). For massively built houses this kind of damage is commonly encountered. Cracks on the floor due to an uplift style that exceeds the capacity of the basement floor. The existence of ground movement under the basement floor, resulting in cracks in the walls and basement floors. This may also result in tearing of the water stop (groundwater retaining rubber). Usually, when there is damage, you and your family will panic. But actually, a good solution is you can contact our reliable power as we will do the free foundation repair estimate in Lewisville TX .

We will prepare various solutions for your home and maybe while waiting for our readiness to come to your house, you can prepare a special chemical fluid that is fast and fast (epoxy), then inject/grouting at the crack area. For a torn water stop it must be replaced with a new one. Another problem you might encounter is the wall of a wall fence that is tilted or almost collapsed. Of course, it would be dangerous if the wall collapsed and hit the surrounding environment or passers-by. What are the causes of wall fence collapsed? First, the location of the foundation is less deep so it is not able to withstand the load of the wall of the fence on it, consequently the sloping wall. Second, wall fence exposed to the burden of wind / big push. The changes in the characteristics of the soil around the foundation of the fence which causes the soil bearing capacity decreases, thus weakening the foundation.

The solution you can do with us is to dig the soil around the foundation, straighten the fence tilted with the addition of temporary reinforcement, in the form of wooden / iron supports on the wall of the fence. Make a foundation and sloof behind the fence as a place for columns/pillars. Create a triangle-shaped columns/columns to hold the slope of the fence. The size of the pole is adjusted to the load of the supporting wall.