Not Just Exterior, It’s Some Tricks To Clean Your Car Engine Room

Car sharing is not just on the outside, but you also have to clean the inside of the car that is also dirty and needs to be cleaned. There are services from car detailing san diego that can help you in cleaning the parts that are in the car, especially the engine. They will be able to clean every part of the car with clean and no dirt left.

Parts of the engine in the car should also be considered because it will affect the way the work of the car. That part will greatly affect your comfort in driving the car. There are some tricks that are right for you who will clean the engine room of your car.

1. Keep the machine in a warm condition. Not cold, and not too hot. If it’s really cold, turn on the engine for about a minute.

2. Unplug the key to keep the electricity completely off. If necessary, unplug the battery pack. The negative terminal used to be positive after that.

3. Cover all the important components and electrical using plastic or it could be with aluminum foil. For example, air suction holes, electrical sockets, sensors, coils and others. Special attention is also necessary for suction holes. The entry of water in this area effect water hammer.

4. Clean the engine surface parts and crevices using degreaser engine. Many products are offered by various car equipment stores. Use a small and smooth brush, can also with a brush.

5. Combine the cleaning with a mixture of water and detergent. But remember, clean the parts and then rinse. This avoids dry liquid detergents first and instead creates a crust that is difficult to remove.

6. Rinse can use low-pressure water spray. Do not be too eager to rinse, as this is usually a negligent moment by spraying harshly onto an important part of the car.

7. Wipe with a soft cloth or chamois plastic material. Get rid of the plastic protective coating installed before washing the machine. Allow a few moments to dry completely. Make sure the electrical components remain untouched by water.