Look for Flat Field As Measures for Shoe Size

Do you know how to measure shoe size? One of the most annoying things is when knowing the size of the shoes we buy does not fit the size with our feet. This kind of incident is very vulnerable to be found in Espadrille homme online transactions.

You must have felt it when your order came to the house-it could be a shirt or a shoe-and you feel very happy because the model is in line with expectations. But when tried, it turns out clothes or shoes are not fit even not fit to wear. More, unfortunately, you can not exchange the item because it is not in the deal you are doing.

Do not think a bit to measure the pan or the width of your feet on the bed or the carpet. Both places are not flat enough to produce the most appropriate foot size. So, when trying to figure out how to measure shoe size, it’s better to put your feet on a flat field, like the floor. Prepare paper, pen, and ruler or gauge as measuring equipment.