Dealing with the cracks in your house’s structure

If the cause of the cracked house wall of the structure is due to the declining foundation, the solution can be taken by creating a new foundation adjacent. The first thing to do is to do the compaction on the ground under the new location to be built. After that proceed with the creation of a new building buffer column so that the load distribution from sloof and ringbalk can be perfectly distributed. In the meantime, you may want to hire the trusted free foundation repair estimate in McKinney TX to repair your foundation as well.

Damage Structure on the beam

But if the cause of the crack due to structural damage to the beam, it should be noted first whether it is possible to be made additional columns of the building at the bottom. If it is not possible again to do the solution, another solution that can be done is to inject/grouting with a special chemical fluid (epoxy) as a binder crack. After that can be done with the addition of dimension beam with outside reinforcement.

Damage Structure Column Buffer Building

Additional columns can be created if the damage found lies in the structure of the building buffer column. Additional columns to be built will support the damaged columns by dividing the distributed loads into those columns. Another way is to use an injection system with epoxy fluid to strengthen the damaged column before widening its dimensions.

If the cause of the cracked house wall structure found in the building buffer columns is minor, the repair solution can be done by patching with plastering. The goal is that the iron bars contained therein are not exposed to outside air which can cause rust.

Conduct control of running water at the bottom of the foundation of the building in order to avoid possible erosion. This will be very helpful for the possibility of cracking in the upper wall can be avoided.